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Tactical Headset

2-Wires Surveillance Kit Microphone for Smartphone

Model: XAM21DF-SP3


Two wires acoustic tube earphone for smartphone. It comes with a high-quality acoustic tube made of durable surgical grade tubing for great comfort and a low-profile look. And there is a lapel button to receive or end call. Use in low profile environment especially for surveillance purposes.

Perfect for security at shopping mall, train station, airport, casino, manufacturing plant, crowd control at conventions and concerts, and others working in environments requiring discreet communications.

Compatible with most smartphone with 3.5mm 4 poles connector, eg. iPhone, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC…etc.


Light weight acoustic tube connector with swivel clip

Include silicone double flange ear tips, come with two sizes

Excellent Communication Quality in Reception and Transmittance

Designed for use in light duty applications such as Security and Hospitality

Speaker specifications

Sensitivity 109 ± 3dB @ 1KHZ 20mW (Single part)

Rated power 100mW

Maximum power 200mW

Distortion (typical) <5% at 1KHz

Speaker impedance 16Ω ± 15% @ 1KHZ

Microphone specifications

Sensitivity -38 ± 3dB @ 1kHz 2.0V 2.2KΩ, 0dB = 1V / pa

Working temperature -20 ~ 60



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XAM21DF-SP3 2-Wires Surveillance Kit Microphone for Smartphone Model: XAM21DF-SP3   ..
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